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Therapy for Teens and Adults


time to make a change

Chances are if you are here you are dealing with some difficult feelings and want things to be different.


Feeling anxious, overwhelmed and "stuck" are becoming increasingly common experiences. Natural disasters and the current social climate can add to a sense of frustration or helplessness. 

Whether you are struggling with work stress, family or relationship issues or a bigger sense of feeling "off" or out of place...

there is good news


In recent years, the amount of research and tools to promote well-being has increased. 

I use these resources to help you:

  • regain a sense of calm & stability

  • explore challenges and develop strategies to make change

  • improve overall sense of well being

  • discover healthier ways to interact in relationships

a place to begin


Therapy is a process and a journey. Together, we will develop a roadmap, identify tools, and nurture your strengths, in order to move toward well-being. 

Therapy moves you toward a healthier, more authentic life.  I provide a safe, non-judgmental space to receive support, reflect and grow. Together we can tackle anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and trauma and all that comes with it by reconnecting with your inner strength and wisdom. 


Change is inevitable. Why not make changes toward healing, self-acceptance, and growth? 

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